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Creative . Accomplished Content Producer

Selected highlights from my career:

  • Led creative initiatives for Blue Man Group in collaboration with the NFL for Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, including directing, producing and scriptwriting for multiple live events and media appearances.

  • Played a key role in producing high-impact appearances for Blue Man Group, both creating compelling content and sustaining valuable partnerships with prestigious brands including NFL, NHL, F1, Deal or No Deal, Price is Right, Masked Singer, Entertainment Tonight and That's My Jam.

  • Spearheaded creative, directed and produced notable social media collaborations with Red Bull, NFL, UFC, NHL, Steve-O and Social Media influencers.

  • Directed, produced, wrote and created a series of dynamic music videos for Blue Man Group, notably 'Paint Drums Throwdown', which was adapted for the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Opening Ceremonies. Other key projects include 'Stamping Ground', the 'ASMR Series', 'Jingle Bones', and '30-Minute Meditation Music', each showcasing innovative artistic direction.

  • Played a pivotal role in the creative development of Blue Man Group's inaugural Holiday album, with special attention to producing and recording the track, "Jingle Bones", including writing and directing the official music video, which successfully launched the album.


Innovative, results-driven, and a natural leader in the dynamic world of content creation and live entertainment – With a rich 20-year career that spans across various facets of the industry, I bring a unique blend of storytelling, leadership, and creative vision to every project I undertake.

In my tenure, I've thrived in roles as a Director, Producer, and Creative Lead, developing a reputation for ideating, writing, editing, and producing content that captivates audiences. My expertise further extends to directing live broadcasts, TV production and special events.

My talent lies not just in creating captivating content but also in forging strong collaborations. I excel in working with diverse teams, strategic partners, and stakeholders both within and outside my organization, ensuring our collective vision translates into impactful experiences. My ability to adapt and lead, whether in a team or independently, has been instrumental in delivering high-quality content across various platforms.

My journey isn't just about the roles I've held; it's about the stories I've told and the experiences I've created, leaving lasting impressions on both audiences and collaborative networks alike.

As I continue to evolve and embrace new challenges, I am eager to leverage my experience and skills to create innovative, engaging content that resonates with today's diverse audience.

In my free time, I enjoy baseball, traveling, film and music. I am also an active member of the community and have contributed to Autism Speaks, the American Heart Association, Humane Society and numerous cancer research foundations.

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